Terms & Conditions

When inclement weather conditions occurred such as thunderstorms, typhoons hoisted, black rainstorm warning beginning or cause traffic delays due to weather. Delivery service may be pause and the delivery time will be arrange.

In addition to takeaway delivery. Customer can choose to store takeaway.

Append $50 transport costs over the cut-off time of delivery orders. Customer can reselected (store takeaway) to exempt shipping.

Since most of the food is fresh food and inventory is not too much. So your order can provide but can not have notification immediate. We will have notification at a later time or tomorrow. If customer have not change the shipmen before we transport. We reserve the right to cancel the food directly.

We suggest our customers enjoy the food right after the delivery. If not, please keep them in the fridge(3°C - 5°C) and cover with wet towels.Customers should finish them within 3 days after the delivery, or we deserve the rights to ignore any complaints after that.

 The appearance of actual products shall prevail.  If the oysters and shellfish are found opened, it is normal. you can try pressing the corer shell gently or putting them into the ice water for a few minutes to see if they are concealed again. If no, you may keep the spoiled item and send a photo as evidence to Email: cs@oysterprincesshk.com

All product images are for reference only.